Online Courseware

The Bringing Teledentistry into Practice series focuses on providing alternative methods to care through technologies and establishing positive provider-patient experiences.

The COVID-19 Education series contains key information on infection control and alternative methods to care, such as teledentistry, during a public health crisis.

The Oral Health Value-Based Care series highlights the integration of oral health care into primary health care, the benefits of implementing payment reform and shares stories of VBC transformation in action.

The Special Topics series consists of individual modules designed to increase your knowledge of special topics around improving oral health. Some modules may provide information that is new to you. Others may shed new light on the familiar.

The Safety Net Dental Practice Management Series learning series consists of 30 to 60 minute online learning modules designed for dental directors and dental practice managers.

The Disease Management series consists of 30 to 40 minute online learning modules including an Overview module. Each module was designed to promote and increase prevention-focused thinking about oral health care.