DentaQuest commits $2 million to Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund to help combat systematic racism.


The DentaQuest Partnership is committed to making investments that improve and strengthen the systems that create better oral health for all. Guided by a vision of a community where everyone has equitable access to the knowledge, support, and resources to attain optimal oral health, and by a systems change framework that informs the strategies we employ to achieve the outcomes that will move us toward realizing this vision. One of our theories of change is that it is necessary to target multiple systems that affect optimal oral health outcomes, including: Policy, Funding, Care, and Community.

Investing in Change

Health disparities, along with uneven access to preventative and restorative care, impact people directly through diminished quality of life from persistent pain, poor appearance, loss of economic opportunities, and overall lower life expectancy. The DentaQuest Partnership approach invests in both national and community-based efforts to improve oral health and help erase these disparities. These investments are strategic, multi-layered, and directed at the systems that provide and fund care, enhance public policy, and help communities build and navigate available resources.

Partnerships are important

Providers, communities, funders, and policymakers each play a unique role in addressing health disparities. As conveners, we believe philanthropies have the unique role of encouraging collaborative relationships and serving as catalysts for change.

Momentum for social justice and health equity

As catalysts for change, foundations can serve as an amplifier, elevating critical issues for discussion and framing opportunities for engagement. We also have an obligation to give our partners what they need to succeed. We encourage connected learning and stakeholder engagement.

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The Oral Health 2020 Initiative

A multi-year effort to strengthen and unify the network, build upon current initiative strategies, expand impact, and bring about lasting system changes through the power of collective action.

Our 2020 Oral Health Goals Include:

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Community Response Fund

As we approach 2020, we are intentionally focused on supporting our existing grantees and the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) to reach the goals and targets laid out in our Oral Health 2020 strategy to improve the oral health of all, and have limited grant funding available for new projects.

However, while primarily focused on these investments, DentaQuest Partnership understands that there are times when community programs require resources to meet the immediate needs of those suffering from poor oral health.

To address those needs, the Community Response Fund supports small, one-time grants that address access to oral health care. The focus is to support programs, activities and events that:

  • Respond to an urgent issue that impacts access to clinical care
  • Provide short term access to needed care for the under served
  • Sustain organizations through short term challenges

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