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Analytics and Evaluation

The DentaQuest Partnership’s Analytics and Evaluation (A&E) team focuses on transforming data and information into knowledge that can be used by providers, policy makers and advocates to improve the oral health system and better inform policy and financing decisions. Using state and national-level representative data sources, including large healthcare claims data, integrated medical-dental databases, and surveys of health care experiences, the DentaQuest Partnership Analytics and Evaluation (A&E) team identifies and compares trends in the oral health care delivery system.

We work closely with internal stakeholders, external researchers, policymakers, government representatives, leaders in the oral health field, and other collaborators to coordinate and promote the development of manuscripts, white papers, research briefs and other publications linking oral and overall health and increasing awareness of the importance of oral health. These products, combined with state and national-level healthcare presentations, keynote addresses, and workgroup participation, also contribute to the DentaQuest Partnership’s development of evidenced-based, person-centered care and new, value-based focused healthcare financing models.

Current research projects and collaborations

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Recent journal articles, white papers, poster presentations and blogs can be found below. If you would like more information on our recent and upcoming work, or you are interested in discussing a new data or research project, contact partnershipanalytics@dentaquest.com.

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