Participant Stories

Clarissa JH Ortiz

Director of Clinical Quality
Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC)

Participant Bio

Mrs. Clarissa “CJ” Ortiz is the Director of Clinical Quality for the Florida Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. (FACHC).  Mrs. Ortiz received her Master of Science with an emphasis in Health Care Administration at Oklahoma State University and has attended the Health Care Executive Program at UCLA. CJ has a background in public health working at a rural hospital, senior citizens center, a federally qualified health center, the Florida Department of Health, and the Area Health Education Center.  CJ joined FACHC in July of 2016.

Her responsibilities include providing clinical training and technical assistance to Florida’s federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). FACHC’s clinical quality services are designed to partner with the community health centers in primary care, dental, and behavioral health.  CJ leads the FACHC Clinicians Advisory Council which is a quality enhancement network comprised of health care professionals representing various areas of clinical services at FQHCs throughout the state of Florida. The Clinicians’ Advisory Council is designed to strengthen and spread quality improvement processes and best practices through communication and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Roundtable calls are held monthly. A Clinicians Conference is held annually at which training and technical assistance is ongoing.

What was the reason for partnering with DentaQuest Partnership to offer an oral health value-based care training to Dental Directors attending the annual FACHC conference?

The Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC, Inc.) has historically relied upon DentaQuest Partnership for any and all Dental Training and Technical Assistance. Our partnership throughout the years has assisted in all aspects of dental operations for our 49 Florida Community Health Centers with over 625+ locations. In addition to dental operations at every level, DentaQuest Partnership is also extremely helpful in assisting with operationalizing best practices, integration projects, and value-based care. Specifically, in regard to Value Based Care, DentaQuest Partnership assists with promising practices with successful models. 

Did this training solve a problem your organization or members were facing?

Yes, DentaQuest Partnership’s training greatly assisted with various topics such as staffing models, specific patient interventions, process flow, broken appointments, scheduling, how to handle dental emergencies as part of the scheduling model, team based care, successful school health programs and mobile units, integration with chronic disease screening and treatment, integration of behavioral health with depression screenings in the dental setting and referral processes in place for behavioral health and/or substance use disorders, along with sustaining successful dental programs financially and operationally including but not limited to value based care.  

Please tell us specifically why our training was helpful for meeting your needs?

DentaQuest Partnership's trainings are specifically helpful to the Florida PCA and its 49 FL CHC Members as the information goes past education and moves into specific ways dental programs can “operationalize” needed procedures, processes, services, and resources.

What is it you like best about our training?

DentaQuest Partnership has become part of the  Community Health Center family, understanding how our Centers work and most importantly understanding our patient needs. DentaQuest Partnership always conducts trainings with compassion while understanding the whole patient model with every aspect that effects treatment including barriers with social determinants of health.

Why have you chosen to recommend our training to others?

Yes, we recommend DentaQuest Partnership training to others who serve the underserved as we are all striving toward the same mission, vision, and values.

Anything else you would like to share about your experience with our training and resources?

DentaQuest Partnership training staff are all amazing and the resources they bring to the table are extremely helpful as we operationalize successful dental programs to meet the need of the communities in which we serve.