Group Training Workshops

Group Training Workshops

Safety Net Solutions coordinates group training workshops for safety net administrative and dental leadership professionals as a means of disseminating safety net dental practice management knowledge and tools to a broader audience. The goal of the trainings is to provide participants with learning opportunities that will better equip them to create or support a financially sustainable oral health program while increasing access to care and improving quality outcomes. The workshops are also designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning among those working in the dental safety net through the incorporation of interactive activities and group discussions. Training topics include dental quality management, maximizing patient access by understanding capacity, governance and how it applies to dental (including HRSA program guidelines), dental program finance and productivity, managing broken appointments, strategic staffing and scheduling, and monitoring dental program performance.

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Training Results

Topic Area %of Participants with a 4-5 confidence level (meaning they know a lot about the topic area)
  Prior to the Training After the Training
Determining daily dental program capacity 36% 85%
Determining dental program financial goals 18% 78%
Determining dental program productivity goals 27% 81%
Using data to monitor dental program performance 24% 73%
Identifying strategies to manage broken appointments 27% 79%


“The training was outstanding and so well outlined, presented and the tools cannot say enough about.”

 “Fantastically informative day for me!!”

 “Excellent training opportunity. I am glad I participated as an administrator…”