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Webinars and online learning with ADA Continuing Education Credits

As an ADA CERP* recognized provider, The DentaQuest Partnership offers free webinars and online learning opportunities throughout the year. ADA CERP Continuing Education credits are available for live versions of the webinars as well as for certain online learning versions available in the Online Courses page.

Webinars Library

Oral Health Value-Based Care: An Introduction and Call to Action for CHCs

This webinar is presented by the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)

Alzheimer’s Disease, Periodontitis and Systemic Inflammation

Brought to you by the DentaQuest Partnership and Forsyth Institute  

Recording coming soon!

The Link Between Oral Health & Lung Diseases

Poor oral health can contribute to several respiratory diseases especially among patients on mechanical ventilation.

Closing the Innovation Gap in Oral Health

Participants will learn about untapped opportunities to accelerate progress toward improving access to care, oral health equity and integration with the overall health system.

Big Data Analytics in Dental Public Health Research: The Promise of Integration

Optimal health depends not only on access and utilization of care but also on the analysis and implementation of knowledge gained from data.

State Advocacy Approaches to Expanding and Protecting Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits

Join a webinar on strategies, tactics, and tools that advocates across the country can use to protect and expand Medicaid adult dental benefits in their state.    

Patient Safety: A Guide to Ensuring Effective Communication about Dental Care

This webinar will discuss communication strategies and tools such as teledentistry to address patients’ concerns and prioritize care management.

Barriers to Dental Access for Special Needs Patients

This webinar will educate the dental professional and address the barriers and challenges facing the patient with special needs.

Best Practices for Re-Opening Dental Clinics: Evolving and Adapting

A joint webinar from the DentaQuest Partnership and OSAP, focusing on the guidance provided by the ADA, OSHA, the CDC and other dental associations.

Dental Care's New Normal: Provider Survey Reveals the Need to Adapt and Redesign

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered and disrupted the dental industry. We will share outcomes from our national survey and provide a detailed analysis of the data. 

Bringing Teledentistry into Practice Series – Webinar 3: Directing Patient Care in a New and Innovative Format

In this webinar, we’ll review minimally-invasive approaches and discuss how they can support patient empowerment and full-team engagement.

Best Practices for Re-Opening Dental Clinics: Evolving and Adapting

A joint webinar from the DentaQuest Partnership and OSAP, focusing on the guidance provided by the ADA, OSHA, the CDC and other dental associations to re-open dental practices.

COVID-19 Impact on Health Inequity

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected minority groups who continually face barriers to care. We will address the effects of COVID-19 on the oral and overall health of racial and ethnic minority groups.

Bringing Teledentistry Into Practice Series – Webinar 2: Delivering Exceptional Care with Interpersonal Skills

Gain practical insight and skills for immediate application as we all adjust to this new normal in dental care access and provision.

Saliva & COVID-19 Testing in Clinical Dental Practice

This presentation will discuss different types of tests available to test for COVID-19, how to interpret test results and the rationale for using testing in a dental setting.

Bringing Teledentistry Into Practice Series - Webinar 1: Emergency Management & Patient Recordkeeping

This webinar will provide an overview of best practices for recordkeeping from emergency teledental encounters.