Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

DentaQuest Partnership 2020 Grantmaking Strategy

The DentaQuest Partnership has developed and supported partnerships with philanthropies, organizations, and alliances that are also focused on improving oral health for all. These groups are strong and active voices to strengthen oral health policy priorities and identify new opportunities for public-private partnerships focused on systems change for better oral health.

Grassroots Engagement Initiative
The Grassroots Engagement Initiative seeks to engage those most directly impacted by oral health inequity in the movement to improve oral health for all. Twenty grassroots grantees in six states (Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) are funded with the goal of lifting up the needs and values of populations at the local level.

National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health
The National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health (NIIOH) is filling the gap in professional education about oral health. This systems-change initiative is focused on embedding oral health competency into the education and training systems that support primary care clinicians by recruiting leaders from the medical, nursing, physician assistant, and pharmacy professions. 

National Oral Health Innovation and Integration Network
The DentaQuest Partnership believes that one of the keys to improved oral health for all is the development and implementation of person-centered models of care that emphasize interprofessional practice and value-based transformation. The National Oral Health Innovation and Integration Network (NOHIIN) is leading a national movement to unify and empower Primary Care Associations (PCAs) and safety net providers to be champions of oral health through integrated primary and oral health care.

Oral Health Progress and Equity Network
The Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) is a national movement of more than 1,400 individuals, grantees, and other organizations working together to improve the oral health of all.

2020 Requests for Proposals

Building Community Power to Create Oral Health Equity
Through the Building Community Power RFP, the DentaQuest Partnership seeks to partner with communities, and their trusted representatives, that have a disproportionately high stake in not only seeing the current oral health system evolve, but in actively participating in its progress as change agents and leaders. The purpose of this initiative is to support advocacy capacity and power-building in these communities and increase their share of voice in the oral health system, at the local, state, and/or national levels; and policy-change conversations. Awardees will also play a supportive role in strategically advising the DentaQuest Partnership about how to center community voice across work happening in its three focus areas. No longer accepting submissions.

Supporting Statewide Advocacy Groups to Create Oral Health Equity
Through the Statewide Advocacy Groups RFP, the DentaQuest Partnership seeks to partner with statewide advocacy groups to support policy advocacy efforts driven through collaboration and community partnerships. Successful organizations will demonstrate experience in convening traditional and nontraditional partners, a commitment to social justice and health equity, and have active partnerships with community-based organizations. Work done through this RFP is intended to have an impact in at least one of the DentaQuest Partnership’s three focus areas by shifting power dynamics, conversations, and share of voice in statewide or national oral health movements. No longer accepting submissions.

Driving Oral Health Transformation in the Safety Net Initiative
Through the Driving Oral Health Transformation in the Safety Net Initiative RFP, the DentaQuest Partnership seeks to work with primary care associations (PCAs) and/or health center controlled networks (HCCNs) to strengthen the capacity of community health centers, design and test new models of care, and evolve the safety net to best serve millions of uninsured and underserved Americans who rely on this system to meet their healthcare needs, including oral health. Ensuring a strong and stable safety net system continues to be a fundamental role, challenge and opportunity for PCAs and/or HCCNs across the country. This investment is designed to foster new models of person-centered care in community health centers includes strengthening the capacity to be financially viable and efficient, leveraging new and existing models of interprofessional practice, maximizing data collection and utilization, and, where possible, operationalizing alternative payment models. No longer accepting submissions.

The DentaQuest Partnership developed a Data Measurement Tool. After you register for an account and receive access you can return to this page to get to the Measurement Tool.