Community Response Fund

Girl in Dentist Chair

As we approach 2020, we are intentionally focused on supporting our existing grantees and the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) to reach the goals and targets laid out in our Oral Health 2020 strategy to improve the oral health of all, and have limited grant funding available for new projects. However, while primarily focused on these investments, DentaQuest Partnership understands that there are times when community programs require resources to meet the immediate needs of those suffering from poor oral health. To address those needs, the Community Response Fund supports small, one-time grants that address access to oral health care. The focus is to support programs, activities and events that:

  • respond to an urgent issue that impacts access to clinical care
  • provide short term access to needed care for the underserved
  • sustain organizations through short term challenges

A limited number of program concepts that provide longer term solutions or essential services for particularly underserved populations will also be considered.

Eligibility and Guidelines

The DentaQuest Partnership makes grants to a variety of organizations that are engaged in improving oral health. The Partnership does not make grants directly to individuals and does not support capital expenses, operating expenses, direct service, mobile vans or payments for procedures. Applicants must have 501(c)3 non profit status.

To submit a concept for potential funding under the Community Response Fund, please click here to be directed to our grants management portal.