Grantee Address: 
Vista Community Clinic
United States
Continued support to Vista Community Clinic to improve the oral health of the Mexican migrant worker population in Southern California is one of the poorest populations in the country. With little to no access to community resources, the population faces significant barriers to accessing oral health services, with over 65% having never seen a dentist. This program centers on a lay community health worker model to increase the oral health literacy of the target population. The planning year's formative research activities involved intensive engagement of community partners at both organizational and individual levels. This extensive community input guided planning year activities and development of the proposed 2-year intervention. This same network will also be heavily engaged in the implementation and evaluation of the Boca Sana, Cuerpo Sano program which addresses low oral health literacy and access to care barriers among North San Diego County's vulnerable Mexican migrant families.
Grant Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013
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