Grant Project Title: 
Poverty Action's WA State Dental Therapy Campaign
Grantee Address: 
Poverty Action c/o Solid Ground
1501 North 45th Street
Seattle, WA
United States
Grant Goal: 
Integrate oral health into person-centered healthcare
This investment supports Poverty Action to build a policy campaign focused on increasing access to equitable care by expanding the dental health workforce in Washington. This aligns with the DentaQuest Partnership priorities to promote health equity in Washinton, engage grassroots partners in systems-change advocacy, and pursue person-centered models of care through interprofessional practice. The political and policy opportunities include having a new House Speaker and new slate of legislators, momentum over the past 10 years that have expanded access to dental care, more recently adding a dental benefit for immigrants in the state’s Medical Care Services program, and increased capacity by Poverty Action and their community-based partners. Specific outcomes include the passage of dental therapy legislation and development of meaningful implementation, greater access to equitable care, and deeper engagement of communities of color and other marginalized communities in oral health policy advocacy. $87,498 supports time, travel, and supplies associated with the deliverables.
Grant Date: 
Wednesday, January 1, 2020 to Thursday, December 31, 2020
Grant Amount: