Grant Project Title: 
Ensuring time-sensitive, time-limited participation by the NHOHC in the statutorily-defined DHHS Team to develop the NH Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit
Grantee Address: 
New Hampshire Public Health Association (NH Oral Health Coalition)
United States
Grant Goal: 
Include an adult dental benefit in publicly funded health coverage
This investment supports the New Hampshire Oral Health Coalition to participate in the state Department of Health and Human Services’ work team that will design a value-based adult Medicaid dental benefit for New Hampshire, increasing publicly funded coverage from emergency-only to comprehensive. It builds on years of existing work by the coalition, including convening community stakeholders; providing nonpartisan, framed information to legislators, the governor, advocates, policy makers, and the public; and bringing a health equity lens to the work. By participating in this work group, the NHOHC will represent the voice of individuals and families, particularly historically underserved populations like veterans, pregnant women, and seniors in institutional settings. $20,000 will be used to support staff time, materials, and travel expenses. This proposal aligns with Oral Health 2020 Goal 3 to include an adult dental benefit in publicly funded health coverage and that at least 30 states have an extensive Medicaid adult dental benefit.
Grant Date: 
Thursday, August 1, 2019 to Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Grant Amount: