Grant Project Title: 
Expanding curricula, improving delivery mechanisms, and investing in new technology to facilitate oral health integration into patient centered care.
Grantee Address: 
Oregon Oral Health Coalition (OrOHC)
P.O.Box 3132
Wilsonville, OR
United States
Grant Goal: 
Integrate oral health into person-centered healthcare
This funding is to support the Oregon Oral Health Coalition (OrOHC) in their work to enhance the field of inter-professional practice in the state or Oregon. In building off of previous years, given that Oregon continues to be ripe for driving the field of value-based care in oral health and therefore inter-professional practice.Because of OrOHC's leadership in creating and maintaining one of the states two training curricula for non-dental providers to be able to provide dental care and bill, they are uniquely positioned to support the ongoing evolution of IPP in the state. Specifically, with this funding, OrOHC will update the First Tooth curriculum, build an online, virtual training platform to increase access to the training, and connect the platform to an online data collection repository. This will allow greater understanding and strategic oversight of non-dental providers providing dental care around the state. Additionally, OrOHC will build out two supplemental curricula: Oral Health and Chronic Disease and Maternity Teeth for Two to further support VBC and IPP in Oregon. This work aligns with the OH2020 goals and targets related to integrating oral health into person-centered models of care. The budget for this proposal $65,788.00 and primarily goes to time and equipment needed to fulfill the project deliverables.
Grant Date: 
Thursday, August 1, 2019 to Friday, July 31, 2020
Grant Amount: