Grant Project Title: 
Achieving Oral Health Equity through the Development of a National Oral Health Needs Index: Meaningful data to transform oral health
Grantee Address: 
Critical Learning Systems, Inc.
United States
Grant Goal: 
Build a comprehensive national oral health measurement system
The purpose of this grant is to support Critical Learning Systems, Inc. in the next phase of development of the Oral Health Needs Index (Index) as a national data tool to help advocates, communities, providers and other partners in mapping and using data as a tool in creating oral health equity. The need for national data that is consistent, and sound, continues to be a priority and need of the OPEN Network and of stakeholders in the oral health system. Additionally, there continues to be value in data that elevates the intersection of oral health and other social determinants to drive the larger narrative around oral health being connected to whole health. The Index mapping tool has been expanding in recent years, from one state to eight states and is now incorporating a broad range of data points look at oral health and social determinants. This project, in 2019, builds on the past years by taking the Index to the next level through spreading to all 50 states, building in more oral health care variables, and providing more tools that users can operationalize in their work. As the DentaQuest Partnership sharpens it’s strategy around measurement, Critical Learning Systems could play an important role in shaping the data landscape. As a part of the OPEN Network, this project aligns with the goal of building a national measurement system. The budget for this is $95,800 and is primarily in support of staff time and supplies associated with completing the project.
Grant Date: 
Friday, March 1, 2019 to Saturday, February 29, 2020
Grant Amount: