Grant Project Title: 
NJ HealthHome 2.0, Year 2019
Grantee Address: 
American Academy of Pediatrics/ NJ Chapter
50 Millstone Road, Bldg 200, Suite 130
East Windsor, NJ
United States
Grant Goal: 
Integrate oral health into person-centered healthcare
This investment supports the American Academy of Pediatrics/ NJ Chapter to continue work on the NJ HealthHome 2.0 model that fuses the relationship between primary care providers, dentists, and parents to optimize children’s oral health. Working in partnership with New Jersey Dental Association, New Jersey Oral Health Coalition, and other stakeholders, NJAAP supports care coordination and provides an interprofessional approach to health care to achieve optimal health. Specifically, the work will increase the number and capacity of clinicians providing screening, guidance, and referral to pediatric dentists; support the adoption of oral health value-based care models; and engage community-based organizations to provide outreach to consumers. The proposal will advance the systems change outcome of ensuring that oral health is integrated into all aspects of health care. It aligns with the Oral Health 2020 goal of eradicating dental disease in children and the target that by 2020 85% of children reach age five without a cavity. $38,800 will support personnel and consultants time, travel and meeting expenses, and indirect costs associated with the project’s implementation.
Grant Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 to Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Grant Amount: