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Native American Connections
United States
The purpose of this grant is to continue to build the capacity of healthcare consumers in Arizona to meaningfully engage in policy and systems change; to improve the public perception of the value of oral health to overall health; to enhance collaborative, cross-blade infrastructure processes, shared power, and decision-making; and to elevate health equity and social justice approaches within the Oral Health 2020 Network that are fully informed by, and reflective of, community voices. The work in this proposal builds on key successes last year including increasing staff capacity through hiring a Community Health Representative and having them develop an oral health/whole health curriculum tailored to the needs of Native youth, integrating the role of the CHR into other key aspects of the organization (i.e. substance abuse program) for a multiplier impact, developing a partnership with Maricopa County Recorders Office to collaborate on work to organize urban Native Americans and increase civic participation, building and hosting a series of Kids Café sessions in 7 affordable housing communities, and partnering with other Arizona organizations to support policy work related to new workforce models and Medicaid oral health benefits for pregnant women. In the current proposal, the work looks more specifically into three priority areas including 1) increasing utilization of community resources through deeper community partnerships with providers, educators and the community 2) increasing cultural competency through enhancing internal and external networks' understanding of equity and 3) increasing member and constituent involvement in advocacy, civic participation and community-driven policy work. This aligns with the OH2020 goal of shifting the public perception of oral health with a target of increasing oral health in overall health dialogue and in public policy. The budget for this proposal is $100,590 and is primarily to support staff time, travel and resources necessary to deepen community connections.
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Monday, January 1, 2018
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