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Kentucky Youth Advocates
United States
This investment supports Kentucky Youth Advocates (KYA) to strengthen and empower the oral health network in Kentucky, protect oral health policy gains in the state, and engage and support youth as oral health advocates. Specifically, KYA - working in close partnership with the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC) - will identify, create, and disseminate state and national oral health policy informational resources for network members; grow and strengthen the statewide collaborative oral health policy agenda; work with local youth-serving organizations to identify and act on areas for youth action and advocacy; expand Kentucky’s oral health interactive Bright Spots Map to highlight champions, best practices, data, stories, and innovation. In 2018, Kentucky will be a key focus of health care policy advocacy nationally, and a strong, engaged KOHC will be poised to play a key role.
Grant Date: 
Monday, January 1, 2018
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