Grantee Address: 
National Dental Association, Inc.
United States
Grant Goal: 
Executive Directors Fund
National: Executive Director's Fund support to the National Dental Association's Corporate Roundtable (CRT), which was formed in 1997. The CRT is an entity that acts in an advisory capacity to strengthen the organization's growth and development. The NDA-CRT meets three times a year, and is governed by a Chairman, Vice-Chairs and the NDA leadership. The three committees of the CRT are: Membership, Scholarship and Community Education. The objectives of the NDA CRT are to: 1) Maintain an open dialogue that allows CRT members and the NDA to be cognizant of each other’s interests, priorities and concerns, 2) Encourage the development of a sound financial strategy for NDA programs and activities by generating funds and assisting the NDA in recruiting new members to the CRT to expand the corporate donor base, 3) Provide resources of advice and counsel to the NDA in the development of organization policies and strategic action planning, 4) Provide assistance in the development of communication conduits and organizational links to other health organizations, public health policy makers, business entities, academic and research institutes, and 5) Establish relationships with corporate institutions that promote mutual benefits and long term growth for the NDA. DentaQuest Foundation support in the amount of $50,000 will support engagement and membership within the NDA's Corporate Roundtable.
Grant Date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2017
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