If you missed the webinars related to COVID-19 on Infection Control and Preventive Care or Teledentistry you can view the recordings and download the slides. You will also have the option to earn CE credits upon completion of these webinars.

Using Technology to Enhance Health Care and Education Delivery

Teledentistry services can expand oral health access, lower costs and improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction—making it a critical service to transform the oral health industry. ​Teledentistry is not a specific service, but can be considered a subset of telehealth, which refers to a variety of technologies and tactics that enhance health care and education delivery.

And now, more than ever, the use of Teledentistry as an alternative method to health care can provide much-needed access to urgent dental care when providers and patients can’t meet in person.

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Teledentistry Survey Communications Brief

COVID-19 has put telehealth in the spotlight, demonstrating a more urgent reason to adopt these technologies for patient care continuity. Learn more about patients' views on teledental-enabled care in our recent survey data.

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Bringing Patient-Centered Care into the synchronous teledental emergency visit using a new approach, the SHARE Framework.

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Bringing Teledentistry Into Practice:
Virtual Learning & Continuing Learning Opportunites


Bringing Teledentistry Into Practice Series - Webinar 1: Emergency Management & Patient Recordkeeping

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Bringing Teledentistry Into Practice Series – Webinar 2: Delivering Exceptional Care with Interpersonal Skills

Bringing Teledentistry into Practice Series – Webinar 3: Directing Patient Care in a New and Innovative Format