Oral Health Value-Based Care

Oral Health Value-Based Care

For more than two centuries dentists have practiced in a fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement environment. Workflow, care delivery, business plan, staffing, documentation, health information technology, scheduling, billing, goals, productivity, policies and procedures, and communication have all been designed and implemented around a care and financing model that emphasizes volume over value. The transition to value-based care (VBC) has the potential to change each of those areas in a significant way. The Safety Net Solutions® team has been working on developing an Oral Health Value-based Care (OHVBC) Training Program to empower providers, practice administrators, payers and contractors with the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully transform from a FFS environment to a value-based care delivery system. Check out the OHVBC resources listed below to learn more!


SNS Oral Health Value Based Care

Oral Health Value Based Care Training Program

The DentaQuest Partnership developed a Data Measurement Tool. After you register for an account and receive access you can return to this page to get to the Measurement Tool.