Learning Community Support

The DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement has developed and piloted a learning community where participants engage in shared learning opportunities with peers and expert faculty to discuss strategies for testing and adopting various components of the Three Domain Framework. The COrHT Initiative learning community is designed for peer learning and allows participants to access relevant clinical content and industry guidance that aims to:

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The Three Domain Framework


The Three Domain Framework creates a primary care-like structure for oral health care delivery. This structure facilitates value-based payment models and enables patients to invest in their oral health. The Three Domain framework forms an interdependent care environment that prioritizes prevention but provides oral health providers and the patient an ability to determine the treatment that best meets the needs of the patient. Care teams can tailor the domain approach to the specific needs of the patient while leveraging opportunities for whole-person health.  Click here to learn more about the Three Domain Framework.

COVID-19 Oral Health Recovery and Transformation Community

The COVID-19 Oral Health Recovery and Transformation Learning Community seeks to build upon the existing strength and knowledge of dental practices to provide a supportive and engaging community, clinical guidance and peer collaboration as teams navigate the challenges associated with providing oral health care in new and uncertain times.