Rebekah Fiehn, MSPA

Manager of Care Coordination and Interoperability

As the Manager of Care Coordination and Interoperability, Rebekah is a member of the DentaQuest Partnership’s Person-centered Care Team and is focused on the design and development of technology and data protocols which support value-based care and interprofessional initiatives. Rebekah has taken on the challenge of identifying and implementing innovative solutions for quality improvement, and healthcare data exchange while meeting the needs of the clinical end-user.

Rebekah has a background in quality improvement, community health, and safety net dental clinics. She previously held a role as a Quality Improvement Project Manager at DentaQuest, working on disease management and teledentisty initiatives. Prior to joining DentaQuest, she provided training and technical assistance on community health center dental operations and ran several primary care and oral health integration projects at the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers.

She is a graduate of Rockford University and holds a Master of Science degree in Public Affairs with a concentration in International Relations, and a graduate certificate in Women in Politics and Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts Boston.