Ilya Okunev

Senior Data Analyst, Analytics and Publication

Ilya Okunev is a Senior Data Analyst with Analytics and Publication. In this role, he provides analytical, statistical and methodological support to the institute. Before joining the Analytics and Publication Group at DQI, he worked in the Business Analytics group under the direction of Hsing Min Sha. Over there, he led the development of successive new versions of the Fraud Waste and Abuse Model, helping to streamline the process by which the Fraud Prevention and Recovery Team identified suspicious billing patterns and wasteful practices.

Ilya joined the team in January of 2017 and hasĀ been working to identify and analyze treatment outcome measures in National and Regional Medicaid Databases. Current projects include development of dental performance metrics and cost-effectiveness of novel preventive procedures. He has a BS in Biophysics from Brandeis University as well as an MA in Statistics from Columbia University.