An Update from our Analytics and Publications Department

An Update from our Analytics and Publications Department

Dr. Natalia Chalmers joined the DentaQuest Institute in September 2015 as the director of the Analytics and Publication (AnP) team. Together with senior data analyst Nancy Urbani and consultants, her team provides support to current DQI initiatives and develops novel areas for research and publications that support the DentaQuest mission, "To improve the Oral Health of All." AnP promotes an environment that encourages teamwork and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.  

Supporting Medical Dental Integration, AnP is dedicated to understanding and identifying the driving factors associated with the utilization of Emergency Departments for the treatment of dental-related conditions. The team submitted for a roundtable at the 2016 National Oral Health Conference, "National and State Trends of Dental-Related Emergency Department ". In addition to the roundtable, the team will present two papers at the conference with a focus on "Racial and Gender Disparities in Non-Traumatic Dental Condition Visits to Emergency Departments in Maryland" and "Gender and Income Inequalities in National Emergency Departments Visits for Dental/Oral Health Conditions".  

AnP is working with Academy Health to establish the DentaQuest Institute - AcademyHealth Delivery System Science Fellowship (DSSF). "The goal of the fellowship is to provide hands-on training and professional opportunities for highly qualified researchers with a background in health services research (HSR) or related fields to enhance analytic skills and ultimately increase the capacity of the HSR workforce". All DSSF fellows are expected to present at the Academy Health Annual Research Meeting. Our DQI AnP team will present a paper at the 2016 Meeting on "Gender and Race Inequalities in National and State Emergency Departments Visits for Dental/Oral Health"

To further support our understanding of Medical Dental Integration, the AnP team prepared three white papers that will be available soon on the team's DQI site.

  • "The Emergency Department is No Place for Dental Care"
  • "Oral Health is Key to Overall Health" and
  • "Integrating Medicine and Dentistry Means Healthier Children".

In addition to all of this work, Dr. Chalmers will present dental claims outcomes research "Longevity of Restorative Treatments in Pediatric Patients: EBD in the era of EHR" at the American Association for Dental Research in March 2016. 

AnP looks forward to a productive year and increasing our data-driven knowledge and learning to support the DentaQuest mission.