An Update from the Analytics and Publication Team

An Update from the Analytics and Publication Team

In March, Dr. Natalia Chalmers, Director of Analytics and Publication at the DentaQuest Institute, presented comparative effectiveness research at the 45th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association for Dental Research. Her work focused on transforming Big Data (dental claims) into knowledge about effective and efficient care and empowering clinicians with much-needed evidence on treatment outcomes. Dr. Chalmers’ retrospective study evaluated the longevity of restorations in primary molars for children aged 0-14 years old. Results of the study suggest that the survival of a dental sealant is related to a patient’s age, and there are no significant differences in failure rates or composites and amalgam; future research will focus on creating a model for survival of restorative treatments. The paper was featured in National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) press release, “Longevity of restorative treatments in pediatric patients: EBD in the era of EHR” (EurekAlert!).

In April, Dr. Chalmers was invited to be a panelist at the 10th annual NIDCR Fellow’s Scientific Training, sponsored by the NIDCR Office of Education, Division of Intramural Research. This event occurs annually outside of Washington D.C. for NIDCR graduate students, pre-doctoral IRTA’s, postdoctoral trainees, clinical fellows, staff scientists, biologists, and core faculty staff. The event featured a keynote speaker, career development workshops and a Panel Discussion on Careers After Training at NIDCR.

Our DentaQuest Institute Analytics and Publication team presented two posters and one roundtable at the 2016 National Oral Health Conference. What a fantastic event! At the luncheon roundtables facilitated by Dr. Chalmers, attendees were pulling in extra chairs to hear about “National and State Trends of Dental-Related Emergency Department Visits.”  This interest is primarily driven by the fact that for a growing number of Americans, hospital emergency departments (ED) have become the first line of treatment for dental care, an escalating public health concern for health-care policymakers and providers across the United States.

The two posters presented at NOHC were, “Racial and Gender Disparities in Non-Traumatic Dental Condition Visits to Emergency Departments in Maryland” by Nancy Urbani, and “Gender and Income Inequalities in National Emergency Departments Visits for Dental/Oral Health Conditions” by Dr. Chalmers. Nancy and Dr. Chalmers collaborated with DQI’s Dr. Sean Boynes and Dr. Brian Nový on both posters.

In addition, we are excited to share that Dr. Chalmers has been appointed to the Editorial Board of Pediatric Dentistry and continuous to serve as expert consultant on the Council of Scientific Affairs for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and as a research fellow to the AAPD Pediatric Oral Health Research and Policy Center (AAPD POHRPC).