Showing the Success!

Showing the Success!

We talk about improvement often. Everyone wants better but what does that mean? How do we communicate with others about efforts to improve care delivery? Be visual. Show the work.

A data wall is a great way to share and display your improvement projects while engaging staff in a fun and creative way. You can build and design your data wall however you choose, but be sure to include information that will help staff understand and keep track of the improvement project. If you’re limited on time, you can always start small and build out your data wall over time.

 Above, our friends at NYU Lutheran in Brooklyn, NY, part of the Dental Caries Management (DCM) Collaborative, use their data wall to display:

1. A brief description of what they are focusing on (aim)

2. Ideas they are testing

3. Data (shown as run charts) to show progress in their process and outcome measures over time

4. Goals for the month to help them better achieve their aim

5. Even extra space for others to share more ideas and feedback

Create your very own data wall today! Use it as a backdrop for your team’s next huddle. We’d love to see it!  Take a photo and share it with us at: The most creative submission will get two copies of Boston Children’s Hospital’s caries disease management flipchart. Boston Children’s Hospital has been a leader in the ECC Collaborative.