Safety Net Solutions Hosts Group Training


Last month the DentaQuest Institute’s Safety Net Solutions program partnered with the St. David’s Foundation to conduct an in-person group training for their Healthy Smiles Central Texas initiative. The training was attended by close to 40 safety net administrators and providers, all of which are working to expand access to care for uninsured adults and improve the overall health of their organization. The training focused on strategies to increase access to care, achieve financial viability and improve quality outcomes, and incorporated a combination of didactic sessions, interactive activities, group discussions, polling and videos. Session topics over the two days included maximizing patient access by working within the dental program’s capacity, dental program finance and productivity, monitoring dental program performance, managing broken appointments, best practices for managing emergency patients, strategic scheduling, dental quality measures, health information technology, integration of oral health and primary care, and billing and collections.

Participants were asked to gauge their level of knowledge before and after the training, and the results of that assessment demonstrated a significant improvement in knowledge gained. One participant provided the following feedback in their post-training evaluation: “I was extremely impressed with the quality of this program. The speakers were amazingly organized, the printed materials were easy to understand and the flow was well organized. It was an impressive training and I gained lots of knowledge and confidence by attending this training.” SNS was extremely pleased with the outcomes of this event, and looks forward to continuing to enhance these workshop offerings in order to further its contribution to an efficient and effective safety net oral health care delivery system.