New Partnership at DentaQuest Enhances Continuing Education Opportunities

New Partnership at DentaQuest Enhances Continuing Education Opportunities

The DentaQuest Institute's Safety Net Solutions (SNS) program is excited to launch a continuing education webinar series in partnership with the DentaQuest Department of Clinical Management. This will be the first official program launched as part of the DentaQuest Institute’s Safety Net Solutions National Oral Health Training and Resource Center, located at its Westborough, MA office. The courses are designed to educate dental consultants on efficient and effective safety net dental practice management, and to meet the continuing education needs of dental consultants working in the department of clinical management. The partnership allows DentaQuest to achieve greater success by leveraging the strengths within different areas of the company, leading to greater efficiency, cost savings, and company unity as we work together toward “Improving the Oral Heath of All”.

Background Information

Dental consultants within the department of clinical management use their clinical expertise to review claims, authorizations, and appeals based on medical necessity and market contracts. As they are employed across the business, they are required to maintain multiple out-of-state dental licenses. While this has helped to support DentaQuest’s business goals as the company expanded, it has also elevated the demand for the internal dental consultants to satisfy higher annual continuing education requirements outside of their home state licensing. Since this is a business need, DentaQuest is responsible for the reimbursement of any licensing fees, including the cost, travel and expenses involved with continuing education, which in most cases is double the amount of hours necessary for the dental consultant’s home state requirements. With more than 30 dental consultants required to hold additional licensure for DentaQuest’s business needs, this demands a high cost and time commitment if carried out externally.

Dr. Michael Jacques, manager of clinical management, attended a training workshop facilitated by the Safety Net Solutions team earlier this year, and saw an opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge, tools and resources available from within SNS to fulfill these needs by leveraging the expertise of the program. Dr. Jacques conferred with Dr. Mark Doherty, executive director of the Safety Net Solutions program to ask if his team could provide a solution. As a result of those discussions, a plan was developed that would allow the department of clinical management to satisfy a majority of its continuing education requirements through an SNS interactive webinar series. Furthermore, this effort will strengthen and expand dental consultants’ capacities as DentaQuest continues to expand its footprint across the country.

Continuing Education Process

Safety Net Solutions will offer three hours of interactive continuing education to the department of clinical management on a quarterly basis, thus providing up to 12 hours of continuing education per year. This will cover the additional requirements for all dental consultants that DentaQuest is ultimately responsible for providing and funding. The courses will be delivered through live webinar training using WebEx Training Center and will include a combination of didactic lectures, Q&A/discussion, polling, and other interactive elements. The subject material will focus on public health topics that affect many of the providers in our network for whom the dental consultants review prior authorizations claims, and appeals, thus allowing the dental consultant to gain more perspective on the clients they are working with. Over the last 11+ years, Safety Net Solutions has provided one-on-one dental program technical assistance to close to 500 safety net organizations in 44 states, along with multiple oral health program practice management and leadership trainings to groups of up to 100 participants. We look forward to sharing the knowledge from this experience with our internal team of dental consultants.